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Small Beginnings

March 16, 2009


Viva minutiae! Welcome one and all. If you are looking for an exhaustive examination of the big ideas, intricate philosophies, or the insightful soul-searching expositions of the grand themes of life, love and the universe, then it is truly astounding and bizarre that you somehow ended up here.

If on the other hand, you prefer to span your attention across smaller wonders, trivial happenings, insignificant curios, and all the rest of the jingling jangling loose change of life, then rejoice, for you have found some shelter to while away the cosmic drizzle.

A special welcome to the readers of my old blog, hope the new one is to your liking. I can’t promise that I will post any more frequently than I did, in fact I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t, but it is my plan to post more entries in more varied categories, to more fully reflect the spirit of the old blog and it’s title of ‘Minutiae’.

You’ll notice that I’ve transferred the old entries here, so hopefully the new blog will still feel a little like home. (If you live in an asylum.) As for the blog’s new name, well ‘viva minutiae’ just re-inforces my love and captivation with the gloriously pointless and minor, the fascinatingly mundane, the bewitching appeal of the daily lint…

To new readers, you should be aware that my posts are infrequent, inane, and interminably inept. I waste a great deal of time in my life, so it should hardly be a surprise that the entries of any blog I write would also inevitably amount to a great waste of time.

But if the view count of the sneezing panda clip on YouTube is any indication, (and what more authoritative sociological measure could there be?) then I feel safe in assuming that there are plenty of other people out there who are also well acquainted with the highly satisfying pastime or ‘wastime’ of occupying the precious hours of our lives with utter nonsense.

Viva minutiae! Long live the little things!



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