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New Year In Low Resolution

June 22, 2011

(beautiful photo by TheAliceGame)

Wow, looks like I missed a year.

Fear not, some catastrophe has not befallen yours truly, longtime readers will merely recognize this as yet more proof of my unparalleled prowess in the art of procrastinating. A year-long break between blog entries is not only nothing to get excited about, it’s to be expected. This blog requires persistence, dear reader. Are you willing to stand by me and my lack of motivation, through thick and thinly veiled delusions of grandeur? In my absence has your heart grown fonder? Or will you abandon me in favour of some easily available meaningless blog action? Will you be able to look yourself in the monitor the next morning?

A whole year may seem like a long time for some folk, but I can easily stretch a nap, taking out the trash, and running an anti-virus scan on my laptop out into a year, no problem at all.

So, for those interested in this intrepid hero, a quick re-cap on my ‘missing’ year:

Greatest achievement: Saving enough to go on holiday
Greatest disappointment: Not going on holiday because friends had to get married. Stupid love.
High point: Passing everything despite still occasionally needing directions to campus. (By now the skin of my teeth has become tough and leathery, like a crocodile.)
Low point: Watching smart people do dumb things and screw up their lives.
Estimated time lost in procrastination: 3 months
The Great Sideburn Project of 2012: Abandoned
Cultivating an iron gaze: Currently at ‘Corrugated Iron’ level
State of Christopher Walken impersonation: I no longer aim to merely impersonate him. I now interpret the force that is Christopher Walken.
Becoming a soulful legend on the harmonica: In progress (there are no young soulful harp legends)
Doing enough to qualify photography as a ‘hobby’: Achieved
Becoming involved in charity: Combining ‘God helps those who help themselves’ and ‘Charity begins at home’, I spent most of the year at home treating myself with compassion, love and respect.
Remembered mother’s birthday: Yes
Writing: Some salvageable scribblings. A lot of irredeemable crapola. The ratio of one to the other is improving slightly, though.
Finding the love of a good woman: Failed, but enjoyed albeit infrequently settling for less.
Overall progress in Life: Minimal
Personal Growth: None

So, a mixed bag really. Like silver screen cretins are wont to say, “life is like a box of chocolates” – in theory full of sweetness, but in reality ending in guilt and self-loathing.


viva minutiae,


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