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[note: I’m still getting the new blog together, so the current status is still ‘under construction’. I would like to say that I am working hard to get it up and running as soon as possible, but we all know that isn’t remotely true.]

A Nomad’s Lost Notebooks


Welcome back to all my old readers. Hope you like the new blog. If you are new to perusing my scribblings, the following has been written to show you why that would be a very bad idea…

This blog is basically going to serve as a platform for my unrivalled abilities in the art of procrastination. I waste time. Huge, unrecoverable slabs of time. Most of what I do when I am meant to be doing something else is unproductive nonsense. There is nothing I can point to and say: “But look, I have been incredibly busy with all this …” The stupendous amounts of satisfaction I derive from laying around and not making the most of life is not a physical thing I can hold up to the steel-eyed cynic to prove how literally rushed off my feet and onto the couch I’ve been.

To make matters worse, I have almost limitless opportunities to procrastinate. Being a university student, I am only required to physically attend anything twice a year, and that only takes in total about eight hours over two days in an exam hall. This is a cruel arrangement, designed to liquify my brains as I must come up with enough amusements to occupy all the rest of my time, lest I chill out into catatonic permanency.

And so I will type this blog with these bare hands, piling up entry upon entry like the corpses of my enemies, or at any rate the cheese-encrusted pizza coffins which currently tower over me, until the sheer mass of words soothes me into the implacable belief that I am not wasting time, I am a writer, these are essays which might one day be collected into a handsome leather quarto and be found casually laid open on the coffee tables of impressionable and insecure beautiful raven-haired… but I digress.

The very existence of it (if ever initiated) will be continually threatened. Entries will be sporadic, rushed, oblivious to the most elemental of literary conventions and frankly unreadable. There will be no theme, rhyme nor reason. Actually there will probably be some rhyme.

Enough, enough. Let me not waste any more of your valuable time. If you desire to have someone arrange words into coherent, well paced sentences and then send them like a hail of well contemplated arrows directly into your brain and lodge there as you sigh, making you think that it is good to be alive and in possession of a consciousness, then go to and roll around in his buttery prose.

However, if you a researcher who is swimming against an ever-strengthening tide of mediocrity, and need evidence of why the internet is a culture-destroying behemoth where anyone who has mastered the art of mashing their recently-dragged knuckles over a keyboard can deliver, unfiltered, the entirety of his thoughts into the ether where they will make right-minded people want to weep for the decline of man, than these ramblings will of great aid in furthering your thesis as you single-handedly make one last effort at saving the Republic of Letters.

Or, perhaps, on the other hand, you have already long since given up on humanity, and wish only to spend the remainder of your days distracting yourself from the Great Abyss by mocking those who stumble about through their miserable lives, watching as they wreck and ruin all that they touch, fail with predictable regularity and provide irrefutable proof that you are indeed alone in this cooling universe, then bookmark this blog and return often, scanning these ramblings, laughing wearily to yourself, and shaking your head intermittently.



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  1. May 13, 2009 4:52 am

    Hi Sillionshine,

    Minutiae are what our world is made of, and should never be discounted. I’m glad there are people studying these important elements that make up our very essence. You may never win a Nobel Prize, but do not get discouraged. Long live minutiae!

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